3 Common Entry Level Jobs for Marketing Majors

Kicking off your career in marketing means selecting which specific field of marketing you want to enter into. Your degree courses should give you a general sense of which aspects of marketing you’re most passionate about and want to pursue, but it can still be difficult to determine which entry level job is right for you.

To help out, here are three common entry level jobs for marketing majors.

Marketing Coordinator or Assistant

A marketing coordinator or marketing assistance supports the marketing team with a variety of different tasks. Preparing sales materials, running reports, writing content, tracking campaigns, and administrative duties are all common tasks you can be asked of in this role. These roles typically require strong organizational skills and a high level of attention to detail.

Sales Representative

Sales representatives or business development associates work to assist customers in selecting and purchasing products or services that suite their needs. These positions are typically more independent and entrepreneurial than other entry marketing level positions, and can also be more competitive. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are two very important traits for these roles.

Social Media Specialist

Social media specialists help to create and engage a brand’s audience across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Creating social posts and ads, engaging with followers, and running analytics reports are all common tasks you might be asked to complete in this role.